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I am interested in investigating digital technologies and examining their impact on consumers, businesses, and society. My toolbox includes;

  • Qualitative research [ Systematic reviews, thematic analysis, content analysis, sentiment analysis]

  • Quantitive research [Cluster analysis, PLS-SEM, Meta-analysis]

  • Tools I use [Leximancer, LIWC, SPSS, ASReview, R, Excel, Access] 

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Sales and Business Development

Experience driving revenue to multiple organizations by partnering with external and internal stakeholders that are mutually beneficial. Key skills that helped me excel in sales and business development include:

  • Active listening 

  • Clear and concise communication 

  • Customer discovery and research 

  • Product knowledge 

  • Relationship management 


Coaching and Training

Supported the training and development of internal employees by Resolving Knowledge gap issues developing new training material using Adobe Premiere Pro, Illustrator, InDesign, and Zoom to deliver practical training sessions.Design and execute skill/knowledge enhancement training using effective tools, including WebEx, Conference calls/seminars, Skype, and sales process videos.

Key skills that helped me excel in coaching and training include:

  • Training programs planning and preparation 

  • Deep understanding of stakeholders psychology to drive effective motivation.

  • Effective use of different training tools(Adobe Premiere Pro, Illustrator, InDesign, Zoom, and WebEx)

  • Act as a subject matter expert and a trusted partner that always looks for efficient and long term solutions. 

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Strategic Corporate Planning

Worked with senior management to clearly identify strategic goals and objectives coaching leaders across the country to align on a common plan, drive effective management decisions and following through on implementation steps.

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Leadership and Management

Supported the development of high achieving sales teams through consistent training, motivation, and employee empowerment.

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